Well Hello Again!

We wanted to thank you for joining us at the Martin Luther King Jr Back to School festival, hosted in the great community of South Dallas!

Hopefully you are doing your best to give your seeds the things it needs to grow, but as a reminder seeds love:

  • Hanging out in a sunny area
  • Enough water to be hydrated, but not full
  • Being told about your day and what you learned at school
  • Time to set its roots (8-10 days)
  • Enough space to stretch out and grow

If your plant has grown to 5" or is older than 12 days old, we welcome you to come and transplant your seed into a bigger pot, so it can continue to grow!

Our next transplanting session is:

Date: To Be Announced

Seedling Garden at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center

2922 Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard